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 Concealed Carry License

The link below will direct you to the Kentucky State Police website pertaining to the process of obtaining a Concealed Carry License in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Concealed Carry Class:    CCDW Class will be held on Saturday, April 22, 2017 at 8:00 am at the Pendleton County Emergency Management Office.  Contact 859-654-4511 to register.

Items that you need to bring with you to any Concealed Carry Class in Kentucky are the following:

1. Weapon with 20 rounds of ammunition.
2.  Cleaning Kit.
3.  Eye and ear protection.
4.  $ 75.00 (Seventy-five dollars).

Items that you need to bring to the Sheriffs Office upon completion of the class and receipt of training certificate are the following:

1.  CCDW Training Certificate.
2.  Color Photo with no hat (Passport Photos are     
        acceptable).  The Sheriffs Office is now taking photos at the office for a $ 5.00 fee.
3.  $ 60.00 (Sixty-dollars)  $ 20.00 to the Sheriffs
         Office and $ 40.00 to the Kentucky State Police.
4.  The application is obtained and filled out at the
         Sheriffs Office.​