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Mission Statement

‚ÄčIt is the mission of the Pendleton County Sheriff's Office to develop a highly trained, efficient, and professional law enforcement office in order to provide outstanding service to the citizens of Pendleton County, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and our Country.  In order to reach this goal I have attempted to build an organization with outstanding individuals that clearly display high moral integrity coupled with excellent capabilities and the drive to work with pride to accomplish this goal. 

Public service is not limited to a chosen group or groups or to individuals.  The Pendleton County Sheriff's Office is committed to the community regardless of age, race, religion, sexual preference, socioeconomic background, or any other factor.  Discrimination of any form will not be tolerated within the Pendleton County Sheriff's Office.

Our mission is never ending and every employee must strive to achieve our goals each and every day in order to serve the public in the manner in which they expect and deserve.