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Property Taxes

​Tax Notice

The 2018 Pendleton County Property Taxes will be mailed on September 29, 2018.  Property owners who own property in Pendleton County will start receiving their tax bills on this date.  Property tax notices will be on a “Yellow” folded post card and will read tax statement enclosed.  Tax bills are not mailed to the mortgage companies, they are mailed to the property owner.  If you have not received your property tax bill by the 10th of October please contact the Sheriffs Office at 859-654-4511 or by email.  Property tax bills will also be available after October 6th online through the Sheriffs Office website;  under the property tax tab.  Here you will be able to print off a copy of your tax bill and receipt. 

Methods of payments:

  • Credit card payment over the phone or in person (subject to fees)
  • Checks
  • Cash

Collections dates for tax payments are as follows:  

  • Oct. 1-Nov. 1, 2018 for 2% discount
  • Nov. 2-Dec. 31, 2018 for face amount
  • Jan. 1-31, 2019 for 5% penalty
  • Feb. 1 through April 15, 2018 a 21% penalty is added.